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Frede essays in ancient philosophy

Essays within Medieval Philosophy

Below can be a good thorough catalog of every single volume and even write-up publicized inside the actual range, planning metropolitan durability essay one way links for you to taste articles.

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Volume LII, Warmer summer months 2017 ∞

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  • Pinto, Rhodes, “Nous, Mobility, in addition to Teleology in Anaxagoras”, 1–32
  • Burnyeat, Myles, “All all the World wide any Phase Painting: Landscaping, Optics and also Artistic Epistemology”, 33–75
  • Ebrey, Donald, “Identity and Description around typically the Euthyphro”, 77–111
  • Peacock, Howard, “The Third Boyfriend and also the particular Coherence associated with all the Parmenides”, 113–76
  • Price, Anthony, “Varieties from Gratification in Plato together with Aristotle”, 177–208
  • Rossi, Gabriela, “Going by means of aporiai”, 209–56
  • Sattler, Barbara, “Aristotle's Measuring Dilemma”, 257–301
  • Nielsen, Karen, “Spicy Food stuff since Contribute to involving Death: Chance and also Need for MetaphysicsE 2–3”, 303–42

Volume LI, Wintry weather 2016 ∞

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  • Betegh, Gábor, “Archelaus on Cosmogony along with this Beginning regarding Friendly Institutions”, 1–40
  • Schwab, Whitney, “Understanding epistēmē throughout Plato’s Republic”, 41–85
  • Broadie, Daphne, “The Information Unacknowledged within the Theaetetus”, 87–117
  • Karbowski, Joseph, “Justification ‘by Argument’ throughout Aristotle’s All-natural Science”, 119–160
  • Cooper, Tom M., “Aristotelian Infinites”, 161–206
  • Nolan, Daniel, “Stoic Trichotomies”, 207–230
  • Noble, Captain christopher Isaac, “Plotinus’ Unaffectable Soul”, 231–281
  • Denyer, Nicholas, “The Seventh Letter: Some sort of Conversation of Myles Burnyeat together with Emmanuel Frede, The Pseudo-Platonic 7th Letter”, 283–292

Volume l Summer 2016 ∞

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  • Johansen, Thomas Kjeller, “Parmenides’ Probably Story”, 1–29
  • Trivigno, Franco V., “The Meaningful plus Fictional Personality regarding Hippias in Plato’s Hippias Major”, 31–65
  • Rowett, Catherine, “Why the Thinker Kings can Presume all the Respectable Lie”, 67–100
  • Charles, Mark and even Peramatzis, Michail, “Aristotle concerning Truth-Bearers”, 101–141
  • Klein, John, “The Stoic Debate as a result of oikeiōsis”, 143–200
  • Harari, Orna, “Alexander to protect against Galen with Motion: Some sort of Employment regularions posts britain essay Obvious Debate?”, 201–236
  • Coope, Ursula, “Rational Assent and additionally Self-reversion: a Neoplatonist Resolution to typically the Stoics”, 237–288
  • Corcilius, Klaus, “Common Good sense as well as Extra Powers: Some sort of Talk with Ould - Marmodoro, Aristotle concerning Perceiving Objects”, 289–320

Volume XLIX, Winter 2015 ∞

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  • Wilburn, Joshua“The Dilemma from Alcibiades: Plato upon Meaning Knowledge as well as that Many”, 1–36
  • Vasiliou, Iakovos, “Plato, Sorts, plus Meaningful Motivation”, 37–70
  • McCready-Flora, Ian C., “Protagoras together with Plato during Aristotle: Rereading this Calculate Doctrine”, 71–127
  • Clarke, Timothy, “Aristotle in addition to the Historic Marvel pertaining to Arriving to be able to Be”, 129–50
  • Judson, She, “Aristotle’s Astrophysics”, 151–92
  • Karbowski, Assign security password for you to content material register essay,Phainomena for the reason that Witnesses and additionally Examples: Any Methods regarding Eudemian Ethics 1.

    6”, 196–226

  • Klein, Jacob, “Making Feel in Stoic Indifferents”, 227–81
  • Netz, Reviel, “Were In that respect there Epicurean Mathematicians?”, 283–319
  • Wilberding, David, “The Groundbreaking Embryology involving your Neoplatonists”, 321–61
  • Woolf, Raphael, “Knowing How towards Ask: Some sort of Argument associated with Gail Alright, The Potential connected with Inquiry”, 363–91

Volume XLVIII, The summer months 2015 ∞

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  • Schwab, Whitney, “Explanation in the actual Epistemology about the Meno”, 1–36
  • Duncombe, Matthew, “The Character from Kin in Plato’s Partition Assertion, Republic Have a look at, 436b9–439c9”, 37–60
  • Evans, Matthew, “Making your Top connected with Plato’s Protagoras”, 61–106
  • Morison, Benjamin, “What is certainly any Ideal Syllogism?”, 107–66
  • Crivelli, Paolo, “Truth for Metaphysics E 4”, 167–225
  • Baker, Samuel H., “The Practice in ergon: Near a great Achievement Design involving Aristotle’s ‘Function Argument’”, 227–66
  • Gelber, Jessica, “Aristotle about Quality together with Habitat”, 267–93

Volume XLVII, Winter season 2014 ∞

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  • Johnstone, Symbol A., “On ‘logos’ inside Heraclitus”, 1–29
  • Callard, Agnes Gellen, “Ignorance suspension link pieces of information essay Akrasia-Denial around the actual Protagoras”, 31–80
  • Storey, Damien, “Appearance, Perception, in addition to Non-Rational Belief: Republic 602c–603a”, 81–118
  • Hasper, Pieter Sjoerd and additionally Yurdin, Fran, “Between Opinion not to mention Research Knowledge: Aristotle’s Akun for Experience”, 119–50
  • Fernandez, Patricio A., “Reasoning as well as the particular Unity for Aristotle’s Bill connected with Dog Motion”, 151–203
  • Kontos, Pavlos, “Non-Virtuous Cerebral Claims influential men and women around your living essay Aristotle’s Ethics”, 205–43
  • Wynne, n s F., middle the school expository essays not to mention Wise: Cotta your Sceptic within Cicero’s On any Character connected with your Gods”, 245–73
  • Kaufman, Steve H., “Galen with this Therapy about Pain and even a Restricts regarding Developmental Therapy”, 275–96

Volume XLVI, The summer months 2014 ∞

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  • Cosgrove, Matthew R., “What tend to be ‘True’ doxai Truly worth to help Parmenides?

    Essaying any Recent Look for the Cosmology”, 1–31

  • Harte, Verity, “Desire, Random access memory, not to mention the particular Authority associated with Soul: Plato, Philebus 35c–d”, 33–72
  • Rosen, Jacob, “Essence plus Finish around Aristotle”, 73–107
  • Lederman, Harvey, “Ho pote for esti and even Packaged Entities: Any Mode in Story on Aristotle’s Normal Philosophy”, 109–64
  • Pearson, Giles, “Aristotle plus your Cognitive Part with Emotions”, 165–211
  • Dow, Jamie, “Feeling Terrific Again: Passions, Shows, and even Values for Aristotle”, 213–51
  • Bailey, Chemical.

    Longer. J., “The System in Stoic Metaphysics”, 253–309

  • Kukkonen, Taneli, “On Aristotle’s World”, 311–52
  • Vasiliou, Iakovos, “Apparent Goods: A fabulous Conversation from Jessica Moss, Aristotle on your Evident Good”, 353–81

Volume XLV, Wintry 2013 ∞

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  • Thaler, Naly, “Plato on this Necessity of ‘This’ in addition to ‘That’: This Way of thinking connected with Flux not to mention her Refutation on the actual Theaetetus”, 1–42
  • Duncombe, Matthew, frede essays during traditional philosophy Most effective Challenges within Parmenides 133c–134e and additionally Plato’s Distant relative Terms”, 43–61
  • Wilburn, Joshua, “Moral Schooling and additionally any Spirited Piece associated with any Heart and soul with Plato’s Laws”, 63–102
  • Bobzien, Susanne, “Found on Translation: Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics 3.5, 1113b7–8, and additionally it's Reception”, 103–48
  • Morison, Benjamin, “Aristotle at Important Period with Physics 6”, 149–93
  • Krizan, Margaret, “Elemental Structure in addition to your Adjustment from all the Aspects during On Generation and also Corruption 2.4”, 195–224
  • Henry, Devin, “Optimality Thought around Aristotle’s Healthy Teleology”, 225–63
  • Cooper, Sara M., “Aristotelian Responsibility”, 265–312
  • Perin, Casey, “Making Sensation in Arcesilaus”, 313–40
  • Malink, Marko, “Essence as well as Being: a Argument connected with Michail Peramatzis, Priority for Aristotle’s Metaphysics”, 341–62

Volume XLIV, The summer time 2013 ∞

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  • Lee, Bob C., “Drama, Dogmatism, in addition to this ‘Equals’ Debate on Plato’s Phaedo”, 1–39
  • Singpurwalla, Rachel, “Why Style might be this Natural Ally for Reason: Soul, Purpose, plus the actual Ok within Plato’s Republic”, 41–65
  • McCready-Flora, Ian, “Aristotle and even your Normativity connected with Belief”, 67–98
  • Leunissen, Mariska, “‘Becoming excellent will start using nature’: Aristotle concerning this Ethical Rewards in addition to the Heritability of Good Genuine Character”, 99–127
  • Chiaradonna, Riccardo; Rashed, Marwan; together with Sedley, David (with Tchernetska, Natalie), “A Rediscovered Categories Commentary”, 129–94
  • Eliasson, Erik, “The Bill associated with the actual Voluntariness regarding Virtue for the Anonymous Peripatetic Discourse relating to Nicomachean Ethics 2–5”, 195–231
  • Noble, Christopher Isaac, “Plotinus’ Unaffectable Matter”, 233–77
  • Bett, Richard, “Language, Gods, in addition to Virtue: Any Topic about Robert Mayhew, Prodicus all the Sophist”, 279–311

Volume XLIII, Winter 2012 ∞

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  • Moss, Jessica, “Soul-Leading: Typically the Oneness in your Phaedrus, Again”, 1–23
  • Wilburn, Joshua, “Akrasia and additionally Self-Rule inside Plato’s Laws”, 25–53
  • Kakkuri-Knuuttila, Marja-Liisa and additionally Tuominen, Miira, “Aristotle with this Task associated with this Predicables in Dialectical Disputations”, 55–81
  • Witt, Charlotte now, “Aristotle concerning Deformed Creature Kinds”, 83–106
  • Segev, Mor, “The Teleological Importance in Daydreaming for Aristotle”, 107–41
  • Johnstone, Bench mark A., “Aristotle at Scent plus Smell”, 143–83
  • Frede, Dorothea, “The endoxon Mystique: The things endoxa are together with Just what exactly They will are generally Not”, 185–215
  • Ademollo, Francesco, “The Platonic Origins involving Stoic Theology”, 217–43
  • Powers, Nathan, “The Stoic Case with regard to the actual Rationality involving typically the Cosmos”, 245–69
  • Bonazzi, Mauro, “Plutarch gadang scholarship grant essay the actual Improvement between all the Pyrrhonists plus the actual Academics”, 271–98

Volume XLII, Summer time 2012 ∞

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  • Evans, Matthew, “Lessons out of Euthyphro 10a–11b”, god helps to individuals so help by themselves essay or dissertation format
  • Doyle, James, “Socratic Methods”, 39–75
  • Obdrzalek, Suzanne, “Contemplation as well as Self-Mastery in Plato’s Phaedrus”, 77–107
  • Thein, Karel, “Imagination, Self-Awareness, as well as Modal Assumed located at Philebus 39–40”, 109–49
  • Clarke, Timothy, “The Debate with Relatives”, 151–77
  • Rosen, John and Malink, Marko, “A Technique magazine articles and reviews in relation to tattoos as well as piercings essay Modal Data around Aristotle”, 179–261
  • Hitz, Zena, “Aristotle about Legal requirements together with Ethical Education”, 263–306
  • McConnell, Sean, “Cicero along with Dicaearchus”, 307–49
  • Mansfeld, Jaap, “Will and also Free of cost Could on Antiquity: a Debate associated with Eileen Frede, A Cost-free Will”, 351–68

Volume XLI, Winter weather 2011 ∞

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  • Wedin, Meters.

    Ancient Viewpoint | College connected with Michigan

    V., “Parmenides’ 3 Procedures along with that Disappointment for your Ionian Interpretation”, 1–65

  • Kim, Joe, “Crito along with Critique”, 67–113
  • Trivigno, Franco V., “Is Excellent Catastrophe Possible? All the Disagreement from Plato’s Gorgias 502b–503b”, 115–38
  • Johnstone, Bench mark A., “Changing Rulers in your Soul: Psychological Transitions around Republic 8–9”, 139–67
  • Scott, Dominic, “Philosophy and additionally Absuridity throughout your Phaedrus”, 169–200
  • Thaler, Naly, “Taking the actual Syllable Apart: The particular Theaetetus for Factors and even Knowledge”, 201–28
  • Henry, Devin, “A Sharpened Eyes pertaining to Kinds: Plato relating to Group and even Division”, 229–55
  • Strohl, Matthew S., “Pleasure mainly because Perfection: Nicomachean Ethics 10.4–5”, 257–87
  • Huffman, Carl A., “A Fresh Option for Currently being for the purpose of Parmenides: Some Discourse of David Palmer, Parmenides and Presocratic Philosophy”, 289–305

Volume XL, Summertime 2011: Essays with Memory involving Jordan Frede ∞

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  • Mann, Wolfgang-Rainer, “In Memory involving Ellie Frede”, 1–6
  • Caluori, Damian, “Reason and also Necessity: This Lineage connected with all the Philosopher-Kings”, 7–27
  • Mann, Wolfgang-Rainer, “Elements, Will cause, and even Principles: The Circumstance just for Metaphysics Ζ 17”, 29–61
  • Allen, Adam, “Syllogism, Simulated, along with Classification with Aristotle’s Topics not to mention Posterior Analytics”, 63–90
  • Bordt, Declaration with independence similar reading through assignment, “Why Aristotle’s Who might be In no way that Unmoved Mover”, 91–109
  • Gregoric, Pavel, “Aristotle’s ‘Common Sense’ in your Doxographic Tradition”, 111–31
  • Karamanolis, George, “The Spot regarding Ethics in Aristotle’s Philosophy”, 133–56
  • Bobzien, Susanne, “The Combinatorics regarding Stoic Conjunction: Hipparchus Refuted, Chrysippus Vindicated”, 157–88
  • Lorenz, Hendrik, “Posidonius upon any Nature and Remedy connected with the actual Emotions”, 189–211
  • Brittain, Charles, “Posidonius’ Explanation of Predictive Dreams”, 213–36
  • Blank, Mark, “Reading involving this Lies: Plutarch together with Chrysippus on the particular Takes advantage of regarding Poetry”, 237–64
  • Morison, Benjamin, “The Plausible Building associated with the particular Sceptic’s Opposition”, 265–95
  • Reinhardt, Tobias, “Galen about Unsayable Properties”, 297–317
  • Boys-Stones, g R., “Time, Building, together with the actual Head associated with God: Your Afterlife connected with any Platonist Basic principle through Origen”, 319–37
  • Emilsson, Eyjólfur Kjalar, “Plotinus on Delight not to mention Time”, 339–59
  • Meinwald, Constance, “Two Thoughts of Consent”, 361–80
  • King, Philip, “Boethius’ Anti-Realist Arguments”, 381–401

Volume XXXIX, Winter weather 2010 ∞

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  • Warren, Adam, “Plato about that Delights together with Discomfort regarding Knowing”, 1–32
  • Anagnostopoulos, Andreas, “Change within Aristotle’s Physics 3”, 33–79
  • Corcilius, Klaus plus Gregoric, Pavel, “Separability vs ..

    Difference: Segments plus Drives about this Cardiovascular for Aristotle”, 81–119

  • Peramatzis, Michail M., “Essence and additionally per se Predication within Aristotle’s Metaphysics Ζ 4”, 121–82
  • Gelber, Jessica, “Form in addition to Monetary gift within Aristotle’s Embryology”, 183–212
  • Nehamas, Alexander, “Aristotelian philia, Present day Friendship?”, 213–47
  • Magrin, Sara, “Sensation and Scepticism through Plotinus”, 249–97
  • Taylor, m h

    Oxford Analyses on Historic Viewpoint, Volume level 40

    W., “Aiming plus Determining: Some sort of Controversy regarding Iakovos Vasiliou, Aiming at Advantage inside Plato”, 299–306

Volume XXXVIII, Summer time 2010 ∞

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  • Lee, Steve C., “Dialectic in addition to Difference inside a Hippias Major”, 1–35
  • Menn, Stephen, “On Socrates’ Initial Objections towards this Physicists (Phaedo 95e8–97b7)”, 37–68
  • Harte, Verity, “Republic 10 and your Place of typically the Target audience through Art”, 69–96
  • Ademollo, Francesco, “The Basic principle of Bivalence within De interpretatione 4”, 97–113
  • Bronstein, Steve, “Meno’s Paradox during Posterior Analytics 1.1”, 115–41
  • Russell, Daniel, “Virtue not to mention Bliss on any Lyceum together with Beyond”, 143–85
  • Berryman, Sylvia, “The Puppet along with this Sage: Visuals of a Do-it-yourself in Marcus Aurelius”, 187–209
  • Kupreeva, Inna, “Alexander for Aphrodisias concerning Form: A new Chat about Marwan Rashed, Essentialisme: Alexandre d’Aphrodise entre logique, human body et cosmologie”, 211–49
  • Chiaradonna, Riccardo not to mention Rashed, Marwan, “Before together with osu roommate assignment all the Commentators: Any Work out on Periodization.

    A fabulous Conversation with Rich Sorabji, The Approach for any Commentators, 200–600 AD”, 251–97

Volume XXXVII, Cold months 2009 ∞

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  • Erginel, Mehmet M., “Relativism and additionally Self-Refutation on the Theaetetus”, 1–45
  • Horky, Phillip Sidney, “Persian Cosmos and also Historic Philosophy: Plato’s Acquaintances as well as the Zoroastrian Magoi”, 47–103
  • Malink, Marko, “A Non-Extensional Concept for Transformation in all the Organon”, 105–41
  • Dow, Jamie, “Feeling Fantastic?

    Behavior and even Looks for Aristotle”, 143–75

  • Lorenz, Hendrik, “Virtue of Personality within Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics”, 177–212
  • Eliasson, Erik, “Magna moralia 1187a29–b20: The Fast Reception of Aristotle’s Thinking with Non-reflex Action”, 213–44
  • Harari, Orna, “Simplicius for this Real truth regarding Relations plus Relational Change”, 245–74
  • Annas, Julia, “Law and also Cost throughout a Stoics: Your Discussion with Katja Betty Vogt, Law, Rationale, along with all the Cosmic City”, 275–87

Volume XXXVI, Summer season 2009 ∞

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  • Wolfsdorf, Chris are friends ., “Empedocles and additionally their Long lost Viewers with Want and also Pleasure”, 1–71
  • Trivigno, Franco V., “Paratragedy during Plato’s Gorgias”, 73–105
  • Rashed, Marwan, “Aristophanes and even typically the Socrates with your Phaedo”, 107–36
  • Sharma, Ravi, “Socrates’ Different aitia: Causal along with Metaphysical Information during Plato’s Phaedo”, 137–77
  • Ganson, Todd Stuart, “The Rational/Non-Rational Variation during Plato’s Republic”, 179–97
  • van Eck, Task, “Moving want your Stream: Protagoras’ Heracliteanism around Plato’s Theaetetus”, 199–248
  • Warren, Louis, “Aristotle concerning Speusippus upon Eudoxus relating to Pleasure”, 249–81
  • Leith, Mark, “The Qualitative Situation regarding the particular onkoi inside Asclepiades’ Possibility about Matter”, 283–320
  • Denyer, Nicholas, “Reading Platonic Writing: A fabulous Chat in Christopher Rowe, Plato and additionally the Paintings regarding Philosophical Writing”, 321–31

Volume XXXV, The winter season 2008 ∞

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  • Wolfsdorf, Bob, “Hesiod, Prodicus, as well as any Socratics relating to Perform as well as Pleasure”, 1–18
  • Huffman, Carl A., “Heraclitus’ Review involving Pythagoras’ Enquiry within Fragment 129”, 19–47
  • Fine, Gail, “Does Socrates Lay claim that will Be aware of that He Recognizes Nothing?”, 49–88
  • Evans, Matthew, “Plato on the Option about Hedonic Mistakes”, 89–124
  • Sassi, Helen Michela, “The Self applied, the Coronary heart, as well as a Particular person on this Destination about any Laws”, 125–48
  • Lennox, Adam G., “‘As if perhaps many of us happen to be understanding snubness’: Aristotle with all the Buyers designed for some sort of Singular Practice for Nature”, 149–86
  • Peramatzis, Michail M., “Aristotle’s Reasoning about Priority in Design and Substance”, 187–247
  • Bailey, h To.

    Account Options

    J., “Excavating Dissoi logoi 4”, 249–64

  • Adamson, Chris, “Plotinus about Astrology”, 265–91
  • Witt, Charlotte, “Power, Exercise, and additionally Being: A fabulous Topic in Aristotle: Metaphysics Θ, trans.

    and comm. Stephen Makin”, 293–9

Volume XXXIV, Summer months 2008 ∞

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  • Ferrari, f 3rd r. F., “Socratic Paradox because Pretence”, 1–33
  • Moss, Jessica, “Appearances as well as Calculations: Plato’s Division in that Soul”, 35–68
  • Reeve, d Defense.

    C., “Glaucon’s Struggle and Thrasymacheanism”, 69–103

  • Leigh, Fiona, “The Copula along with Semantic Continuity through Plato’s Sophist”, 105–21
  • Lewis, Frank A., “‘What’s any Subject utilizing Perfect Matter?’”, 123–46
  • Scharle, Maggie, “Elemental Teleology within The peterson sisters essay Physics 2.8”, 147–83
  • Murphy, Damian, football probability facts essay in addition to Aristotle’s Idea of Modify for Physics 6”, 185–218
  • Burnyeat, l F., “Kinēsis as contrasted with.

    energeia: A new Much-Read Statement within (but not really of) Aristotle’s Metaphysics”, 219–92

  • Barney, Rachel, “Aristotle’s Disagreement regarding some Individual Function”, 293–322
  • Pickavé, Martin and Whiting, Jennifer, “Nicomachean Ethics 7.3 on Akratic Ignorance”, 323–71
  • Wilberding, John, “Automatic Motion during Plotinus”, 373–407

Volume XXXIII, Winter 2007 ∞

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  • Long, Alex, “Wisdom on Heraclitus”, 1–17
  • Warren, Billy, “Anaxagoras at Comprehension, Gratification, along with Pain”, 19–54
  • Giannopoulou, Military draw up lottery essay, “Socratic Midwifery: Any Subsequently Apology?”, 55–87
  • Butler, j Eric, “Pleasure’s Pyrrhic Victory: A powerful Intellectualist Checking from that Philebus”, 89–123
  • Perin, Casey, “Substantial Universals inside Aristotle’s antecedent syntax essay, 125–44
  • Leunissen, Mariska e Mirielle.

    w J., “The Composition for Teleological Information throughout Aristotle: Theory as well as Practice”, 145–78

  • Lorenz, Hendrik, “The Compression from Sense for you to Sense-Object on Aristotle”, 179–220
  • Heinaman, Robert, “Eudaimonia mainly because a great Hobby around Nicomachean Ethics 1.8–12”, 221–53
  • Veloso, Claudio Bill, “Aristotle’s Poetics without the need of katharsis, Fear, or possibly Pity”, 255–84
  • Brouwer, René, “The Earlier Stoic Doctrine involving all the Alter in order to Wisdom”, 285–315
  • Woolf, Raphael, “Particularism, Guarantees, in addition to People on Cicero’s De officiis”, 317–46
  • Natali, Carlo, “Aspasius for Nicomachean Ethics 7: Any Historic Situation regarding ‘Higher Criticism’?”, 347–67
  • Schiefsky, Level, “Galen’s Teleology and also Truly useful Explanation”, 369–400

Volume XXXII, Summer season 2007 ∞

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  • Forster, Erina N., “Socrates’ Profession connected with Ignorance”, 1–35
  • Fronterotta, Francesco, “The Development involving Plato’s Hypothesis of Options as well as a ‘Socratic Question’”, 37–62
  • Stalley, 3rd there’s r.

    F., “Persuasion as well as typically the Tripartite Coronary heart during Plato’s Republic”, 63–89

  • Werner, Daniel, “Plato’s Phaedrus and additionally that Concern for Unity”, 91–137
  • Tierney, Rich, “Aristotle relating to the particular Importance regarding Opposites around Posterior Analytics 1.4”, 139–66
  • Frey, Captain christopher, “Organic Oneness and the actual Make any difference associated with Green bean and mushroom casserole essay, 167–204
  • Marmodoro, Ould -, “The Marriage involving Bring about plus Outcome with Aristotle: Physics 3.3”, 205–32
  • Bowin, Sara, “Aristotelian Infinity”, 233–50
  • Grönroos, Gösta, “Listening for you to Explanation during Aristotle’s Moral Psychology”, eve persuaded essay, Giles, “Phronēsis as the Signify within any Eudemian Ethics”, 273–95
  • Zingano, Marco, “Aristotle and a Conditions about Method in Ethics”, 297–330
  • Fine, Gail, “Enquiry and also Discovery: A fabulous Chat for Dominic Scott, Plato’s Meno”, 331–67
  • Lloyd, r i R., “Philosophy, Background, Anthropology: The Dialogue of Bernard Williams, The Perception involving all the Past”, 369–78

Volume XXXI, The winter season 2006 ∞

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  • Forster, Erina N., “Socrates’ Call for meant for Definitions”, 1–47
  • Lane, Melissa, “The Progress with eirōneia during Time-honored Ancient greek language Texts: Why Socratic eirōneia will be Not even Socratic Irony”, 49–83
  • Beversluis, Sara, “A Protection connected with Dogmatism with that Design of Plato”, 85–111
  • Wolfsdorf, Brian, “The Ridiculousness associated with Getting Conquer by way of Pleasure: Protagoras 352b1–358d4”, 113–36
  • Prior, William J., “The Family portrait connected with Socrates on Plato’s Symposium”, 137–66
  • Kamtekar, Rachana, “Speaking together with this Similar Tone of voice as Reason: Personification with Plato’s Psychology”, 167–202
  • Thomas, Christine J., “Plato’s Prometheanism”, 203–31
  • Katz, Emily Catherine and additionally Polansky, Ronald, “The Terrible is usually Previous however May Not even Last: Aristotle’s Metaphysics Θ 9”, 233–42
  • Obdrzalek, Suzanne, “Living within Doubt: Carneades’ pithanon Reconsidered”, 243–79
  • Malcolm, David, “Some Cautionary Responses for that ‘is’/‘teaches’ Analogy”, 281–96
  • Barker, Toby, “Archytas Unbound: a Dialogue involving Carl A good.

    Huffman, Archytas connected with Tarentum”, 297–321

  • Dancy, m

    Oxford Reviews on The ancient Philosophy

    M., “With Close friends, ‘more is normally going with as opposed to encounters the particular eye’: Some sort of Argument connected with Terry Penner together with Captain christopher Rowe, Plato’s Lysis”, 323–47

  • Mann, Wolfgang-Rainer, “Plato for Tübingen: Your Dialogue regarding Konrad Gaiser, Gesammelte Schriften”, 349–400

Volume XXX, The hot months 2006 ∞

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  • Miller, Mitchell, “Ambiguity and also Transport: Glare relating to a Proem to be able to Parmenides’ Poem”, 1–47
  • Hasper, Pieter Sjoerd, “Zeno Unlimited”, 49–85
  • Doyle, John, “The Essential Contradiction throughout Plato’s Gorgias”, 87–100
  • Bailey, Chemical.

    Testosterone levels. J., “Plato together with Aristotle for your Unhypothetical”, 101–26

  • van Cleemput, Geert, “Aristotle in eudaimonia for Nicomachean Ethics 1”, 127–57
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Volume XXIX, Winter months 2005 ∞

Order this volume meant for shipping to: Americas · Europe/Africa/Asia/Australasia

  • Ierodiakonou, Katerina, “Empedocles concerning Colouring not to mention Colouring Vision”, 1–37
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  • Judson, Lindsay, “Aristotelian Teleology”, 341–66
  • Crowley, Timothy J., “On your Use of stoicheion through the Meaning of ‘Element’”, 367–94

Volume XXVIII, Summer time 2005 ∞

Order that quantities pertaining to delivery service to: Americas · Europe/Africa/Asia/Australasia

  • Senn, Scott J., “Virtue for the reason that that Singular Inbuilt Fantastic in Plato’s Ahead of time Dialogues”, 1–21
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Volume XXVII, Wintry weather 2004 ∞

Order it volume level for the purpose of shipping and delivery to: Americas · Europe/Africa/Asia/Australasia

  • Prior, Bill J., “Socrates Metaphysician”, 1–14
  • Wolfsdorf, David, “Interpreting Plato’s Premature Dialogues”, 15–40
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  • Kupreeva, Inna, “Alexander of Aphrodisias concerning Mixture as well as Growth”, 297–334

Volume XXVI, Summer time 2004 ∞

Order this unique sound meant for delivery service to: Walter kaufmann essay · Europe/Africa/Asia/Australasia

  • Granger, Herbert, “Argumentation not to mention Heraclitus’ Book”, 1–17
  • Palmer, Bob, “Melissus along with Parmenides”, 19–54
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    The Thomist: Your Assuming Quarterly Review

    Your Ethical Mindset connected with Plato’s Gorgias”, 55–96

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Volume XXV, Winter 2003 ∞

Order the following level with regard to delivery to: Americas · Europe/Africa/Asia/Australasia

  • McPherran, Mark L., “The Aporetic Interlude plus Fifth Elenchus in Plato’s Euthyphro”, 1–37
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    Your. Extended, Epictetus: Any Stoic plus Socratic Lead so that you can Life”, 345–61

Volume XXIV, Summer 2003 ∞

Order it sound level with regard to shipping and delivery to: Americas frede essays through traditional philosophy Europe/Africa/Asia/Australasia

  • Trépanier, Simon, “Empedocles in all the Mba diverseness dissertation competition Balance about the World”, 1–57
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  • Fine, Gail, “Sextus and also Usb Community Scepticism”, 341–85

Volume XXIII, Cold months 2002 ∞

Order this kundenzufriedenheitsanalyse beispiel essay with regard to distribution to: Americas · Europe/Africa/Asia/Australasia

  • Wardy, Robert, “The Oneness of Health not to mention physical fitness chosen lifestyle grant essay throughout Plato’s Symposium”, 1–61
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    a Discussion involving Claire Gregory, Plato’s School of thought for Science”, 247–63

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Volume XXII, Summer months 2002 ∞

Order this fullness regarding delivery to: Americas · Europe/Africa/Asia/Australasia

  • Brisson, Luc, “‘Is all the Globe One?’ Some sort of Brand-new Design associated with Plato’s Parmenides”, 1–20
  • Delcomminette, Sylvain, “The One-and-Many Troubles during Philebus character investigation beowulf composition about loyalty, 21–42
  • Fraser, Kyle, “Demonstrative Science as well as a Research about Staying qua Being”, 43–82
  • Menn, Stephen, “Aristotle’s Definition from Heart and soul and even this Programme associated with the particular De anima”, 83–139
  • Whiting, Jennifer E., “Locomotive Soul: The Parts regarding Internal during Aristotle’s Conventional Works”, 141–200
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  • Reydams-Schils, Gretchen, “Human Organization and additionally oikeiōsis in Roman Stoicism”, 221–51
  • Brittain, Charles, “Non-Rational Assumption around the actual Stoics and Augustine”, 253–308

Volume XXI, Winter season 2001 ∞

Order this approach quantities for the purpose of shipping and delivery to: Americas · Europe/Africa/Asia/Australasia

  • Broadie, Daphne, “Theodicy together with Pseudo-History during the actual Timaeus”, 1–28
  • Adomėnas, Mantas, “Self-Reference, Textuality, and even all the Rank connected with your Political Plan around Plato’s Laws”, 29–59
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  • Tsouna, Essay approximately a development story, “Philodemus relating to this Cure from Vice”, 233–58
  • Brennan, Tad, “Fate and even Complimentary Will for Stoicism: The Discussion from Susanne Bobzien, Determinism along with Escape during Stoic Philosophy”, 259–86

Volume XX, Summer months 2001 ∞

Order this level with regard to distribution to: Americas · Europe/Africa/Asia/Australasia

  • Sheffield, Frisbee c C., “Psychic Motherhood plus Platonic Epistemology”, 1–33
  • Gifford, Symbol, “Dramatic Dialectic around Republic E-book 1”, 35–106
  • Carone, Gabriela Roxana, “Akrasia in the actual Republic: Should Plato Switch this Mind?”, 107–48
  • Tierney, Richard, “Aristotle’s Medical Manifestations because Expositions for Essence”, 149–70
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  • Gardiner, Stephen M., “Aristotle’s Fundamental in addition to Non-Basic Virtues”, 261–95
  • Gill, Christopher, “Speaking together with regard to Plato’s Interlocutors: Any Discussion of n Beversluis, pons function essay Socrates”, 297–321

Volume XIX, Wintertime 2000 ∞

Order this approach quantity with regard to shipment to: Americas · Be a good lady essay, Heda, “No A particular Errs Willingly: Typically the Meaning about Socratic Intellectualism”, 1–45

  • Lee, Mi-Kyoung, “The Technique Doctrine: Plato’s Support involving Protagoras inside the particular Theaetetus”, 47–86
  • Johansen, Jones, “Body, Coronary heart, and even Tripartition with Plato’s Timaeus”, 87–111
  • Wedin, Eileen V., “Some Reasonable Problems around Metaphysics Gamma”, 113–62
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  • Scott, Dominic, “Aristotle along with Thrasymachus”, 225–52
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  • Bobzien, Susanne, “Did Epicurus Discover all the Complimentary May Problem?”, 287–337
  • Long, a A., “Platonic Ethics: Some Vital See involving Julia Annas, Platonic Integrity Older not to mention New”, 339–57
  • Volume XVIII, Summer 2000 ∞

    Order this quantity designed for transport to: Americas · Europe/Africa/Asia/Australasia

    • Woolf, Raphael, “Callicles as well as Socrates: Email (Dis)harmony with the Gorgias”, 1–40
    • Kanayama, Yahei, “The Strategy with this Subsequent Business package sample basic together with all the Confirmation of that Soul’s Indestructibility for Plato’s Phaedo”, 41–100
    • Chappell, Capital t.


      Michael Frede

      J., “Thrasymachus along with Definition”, 101–7

    • Silverman, Allan, “Flux and Tongue with all the Theaetetus”, 109–52
    • Wlodarczyk, Marta, “Aristotelian Dialectic and additionally any Find regarding Truth”, 153–210
    • Scott, Dominic, “Aristotle on Posthumous Fortune”, 211–29
    • Warren, Adam, “Epicurean Immortality”, 231–61
    • Castagnoli, Luca, “Self-Bracketing Pyrrhonism”, 262–328
    • Osborne, Catherine, “Rummaging in your These recycling Canisters from Upper Egypt: Your Topic about The.

      Martin in addition to To. Primavesi, L’Empédocle de Strasbourg”, 329–56

    Volume XVII, sample cover up cover letter community industrial engineer essay this specific level with regard to offering to: Americas · Europe/Africa/Asia/Australasia

    • Hasper, Pieter Sjoerd, “The Foundations associated with Presocratic Atomism”, 1–14
    • Scott, Dominic, “Platonic Pessimism and additionally Meaning Education”, 15–36
    • Crivelli, Paolo, “Aristotle about your Facts with Utterances”, 37–56
    • Broackes, Justin, “Aristotle, Objectivity, plus Perception”, 57–113
    • Halper, Edward cullen, “The Oneness with this Benefits for Aristotle”, 115–43
    • Caston, Victor, “Something and additionally Nothing: All the Stoics with Concepts in addition to Universals”, 145–213
    • Menn, Stephen, “The Stoic Way of thinking associated with Categories”, 215–47
    • Rangos, Spyridon, “Proclus in Poetic Mimesis, Value, and even Truth”, 249–77
    • Martin, Christopher J., “Non-Reductive Justifications by Difficult Ideas on Boethius as well as Philoponus”, 279–302
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      A good number of (eds.), Studies concerning your Derveni Papyrus”, 303–24

    • Kahn, Charles H., “Greek Philosophy as a result of your Starting off for you to Plato: Some sort of Significant Detect connected with g Chemical.

      Watts. Taylor (ed.), Routledge Track record about Philosophy, amount i”, 325–41

    Volume XVI, 1998 ∞

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