Guideline on how to write an interview paper

Interview paper is one the popular types of essay writing that will be beneficial to know for many students. This type of essay is quite complicated and requires specific knowledge of the format and structure of the paper and also knowledge of how to do interview properly. To understand how to write an interview paper, you need to look through short guideline that is presented below. However, you always can ask for help from a professional writing company.

Basic parts of interview paper writing process

Interview paper writing process consists of at least two parts: the first one is an interview and the second is the process of writing. In this section, you will get detailed information about the exact process of writing.

There is no defined order of writing this type of essay, but you need to know that according to researches the order provided below helps to economize time and efforts that can be spent on this assignment.

  • Formulate questions of your interview – it is necessary, if you want to be sure that you will gather all needed information during your interview.
  • Conduct an interview – it is essential to make understandable notes or even to record your interview.
  • Reread your notes and write a first draft – here, you need to organize your ideas and answers to your questions in right order.
  • Write a second draft using the structure – at this stage, you need to put your ideas according to the structure of interview essay.
  • Edit and proofread your essay – you should do this to correct your paper and find out whether it is coherent.

Structure of the paper

As any academic paper, this one also has its own structure. As a student, you need to know it, if you want to get high grades. The structure of this type of paper is quite simple:

  • Introduction – in this part, you need to write information about the interviewee, background information and aim of your paper.
  • Body part – in this section, you describe the discussion and mention the most important questions of the interview. It is good to include quotes.
  • Conclusion – you as an interviewer, provide your own opinion about the interview, the subject discussed and, sometimes, the interviewee.

Format of the paper

In this type of essay, the same as in others, you can use such formats as:

  • MLA
  • APA
  • AMA
  • Chicago/Turbian.

Your choice will depend on your subject area, essay topic and assignment requirements.

Additional information during writing of an interview paper

Except the information, you see above, there is also something that will be very useful to know, if you want to understand how to write an interview paper in a perfect way.

Interview paper outline

One of the most beneficial things during the writing process is an outline. It helps students to follow their own ideas and not lose the concept of the whole work. Of course, it is not necessary to write an outline, but be sure, with it, your work on this paper will become easier and more pleasant.

Notes of the interview

Another important element of every interview paper is notes of the interview. First, you need to know what type of format your professor want to see in your paper: narrative or question and answer format. This will influence the whole your writing. In general, your paper structure won’t have any differences, the only thing that these formats have different is the method of information presenting. When you use narrative form, you can write direct quotes or paraphrased sentences. When you utilize question and answer format, you should write only direct quotes. To do it successfully, you need to write down as much information as possible during your interview, or, if it is allowed, to record it.

This article will definitely help you to write a great interview paper, you just need to follow given recommendations. Yet, you should know that you also can get help from a reliable writing company. You always can order the paper you need and get high grades for it or just ask for editing and proofreading.

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