Short guide on how to write a good research paper

To learn how to write a good research paper is essential for students, because each of them will have to conduct a research some day. You may be afraid of writing this serious paper, but you shouldn't, because here you will get enough of information to understand the basic principles of research paper writing. The only one thing you need is practice. Yet, if you still have doubts about doing this paper on your own, there are professional writers who will be happy to serve you.

The vital things in the writing process of research papers

When you start writing any academic paper, the first element of good writing is in knowing a structure of a paper you need. The structure of this paper is:

  • Introduction – you provide here a thesis statement, purpose of research, chief reason for writing, plan to gain your topic, etc..
  • Body part – you provide here arguments to support your thesis statement.
  • Conclusion – you restate your thesis statement or provide summary of your arguments.

Don’t know how to write a good research paper? You just need to organize your writing process according this order:

  • Choose topic
  • Gather information
  • State your thesis
  • Make an outline
  • Make notes
  • Write first draft
  • Revise outline and draft

It is not always necessary to write exactly to this order, but it was proved that this order really helps in writing a research paper.

Detailed description of the steps of writing process

First step. Choosing topic

This is very important part of you paper, because the topic you choose will influence all your next work. It shouldn’t be too easy and too complicated, because if it is too simple, you won't be interested in writing this paper and if it is too difficult, you won't be able to develop it. Choose the topic that will touch your sphere of interests.

Second step. Search for information

Nowadays the best possible way to find necessary information is to surf the Internet, because it is possible to find there not only online articles, but a variety of books and magazines. However, you need to know that sometimes, it is better to you use different sources that you can find in the library, like:

  • Almanacs, AV catalogues, Atlases
  • Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
  • Government Publications, Reports, Guides
  • Newspapers, Magazines
  • Yellow Pages, Telephone Directories

Third step. Writing of thesis statement

This step can be done at the very beginning or almost at the end. Thesis statement is brief explanation of your main idea of the paper. You need to write this sentence so that people were interested in reading your paper.

Fourth step. Writing of outline

To write an outline in the very beginning will help you to write your paper in more organized way. However, you need to understand that it can be changed during the writing process. Moreover, some people prefer to write an outline in the very end.

Fifth step. Organizing your notes

The most important thing here is in gathering information. You need to write down interesting facts and ideas, but don't note anything that is unrelated to your topic. It is also better to make some structure of your notes, for instance, group some facts.

Sixth step. Writing of your first draft

On this stage, you have everything you need to write a good paper. Just prepare everything and start writing step by step. This is a part, where you don't really need to think about the grammar and spelling and everything else, here you just need to present your ideas in a good way, so that they were coherent.

Seventh step. Revision of your draft and outline

Your revision will be more fruitful if you give yourself some time to relax. When you are ready, try to be very attentive to notice any mistake to make from you draft a final paper. The good method to verify your piece of writing is to ask some of your friends to read it.

Research paper is a hard one, but these tips will help you to make a good paper. Yet, don’t be afraid to ask for help from a professional.

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