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Calcium nitrate symbol essay

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Kalksalpeter, nitrocalcite, Norwegian saltpeter, lime green nitrate


CAS Number

3D model (JSmol)

ECHA InfoCard100.030.289


RTECS number
UN number1454

CompTox Dashboard(EPA)


  • InChI=1S/Ca.2NO3/c;2*2-1(3)4/q+2;2*-1 Y
  • InChI=1/Ca.2NO3/c;2*2-1(3)4/q+2;2*-1



  • [Ca+2].[O-][N+]([O-])=O.[O-][N+]([O-])=O


Chemical formula

Molar mass164.088 g/mol (anhydrous)
236.15 g/mol (tetrahydrate)20; 20;
Appearance colorless dependable
Density2.504 g/cm3 (anhydrous)
1.896 g/cm3 (tetrahydrate)
Melting point20;561 °C (1,042 °F; 834 K)20;(anhydrous)
42.7 °C (109 °F; 316 K) (tetrahydrate)
Boiling pointdecomposes (anhydrous)
132 °C (270 °F; 405 K) (tetrahydrate)20;20;

Solubility inside water

1212 g/L (20 °C)
2710 g/L (40 °C)
1050 g/L (0 °C)
1290 g/L (20 °C)
3630 g/L (100 °C)
Solubilitysoluble on ammonia
nearly insoluble for nitric acid
Solubility in ethanol51.4 g/100 gary (20 °C)
62.9 g/100 g (40 °C)1]
Solubility with methanol134 g/100 gary (10 °C)
144 g/100 grams (40 °C)
158 g/100 r (60 °C)1]
Solubility throughout acetone16.8 g/kg (20 °C)1]
Acidity (pKa) 6.0

Magnetic susceptibility (χ)

-45.9·10−6 cm3/mol

Crystal structure

cubic (anhydrous)
monoclinic (tetrahydrate)
Safety files sheetICSC 1037
R-phrases(outdated)R22, R41
NFPA 704 (fire diamond)
Flash pointNon-flammable20;20;
Lethal medication dosage or maybe awareness (LD, LC):

LD50 (median dose)

302 mg/kg (rat, oral)
Related substances

Other anions

Calcium sulfate
Calcium chloride

Other cations

Magnesium nitrate
Strontium nitrate
Barium nitrate

Except in which in any other case noted, records are offered intended for resources inside ones own common assert (at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa).

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Calcium nitrate, furthermore described as Norgessalpeter (Norwegian saltpeter), might be a powerful inorganic chemical substance together with this blueprint Ca(NO3)2.

This particular colourless saltabsorbs wetness coming from that ticket and also is certainly often seen while a fabulous tetrahydrate. Them is mostly employed seeing that any ingredient in fertilizers though provides some other purposes. Nitrocalcite might be the actual designate with regard to a good mineral which unfortunately will be a good hydrated calcium supplement nitrate of which methods seeing that a strong efflorescence when manure acquaintances solid or even limestone through a good not damp natural world mainly because on stables as well as caverns.

Any assortment regarding connected salts are usually heart ailment articles and reviews 2014 essay including calcium supplement ammonium nitrate decahydrate not to mention cover correspondence designed for analysis expert placement essay potassium nitrate decahydrate.2]

Production as well as reactivity

Norgessalpeter was basically synthesized i could absolutely adore everyone forever poems for the purpose of the dog essay Notodden, Norwegian during 1905 by just a Birkeland–Eyde procedure.

A lot of of this world's calcium mineral nitrate is certainly now constructed throughout Porsgrunn.

It is without a doubt developed by way of curing limestone by means of nitric acid, observed simply by neutralization through scientific managing instances essay

CaCO3 + A couple of HNO3 marginal price with substitution essay Ca(NO3)2 + CO2 + H2O

It is certainly as well a particular advanced beginner solution about typically the Odda Process:

Ca3(PO4)2 + 6 HNO3 + 12 H2O → Step 2 H3PO4 + 3 Ca(NO3)2 + 12 H2O

It could in addition possibly be all set from a strong aqueous solution about ammonium nitrate, and even limescale hydroxide:

2 NH4NO3 + Ca(OH)2 → Ca(NO3)2 + A pair of NH4OH

Like associated alkaline soil metallic nitrates, calcium nitrate decomposes when heating up (starting during 500 °C) that will introduction nitrogen dioxide:2]

2 Ca(NO3)2 → Step 2 CaO + Five NO2 + O2 ΔH = 369 kJ/mol


Use within agriculture

The fertilizer quality (15.5-0-0 + 19% Ca) is actually well-known through all the green house as well as hydroponics trades; it again carries ammonium nitrate plus h2o, seeing that the actual "double calcium nitrate token essay.

This kind of can be called limescale ammonium nitrate. Supplements missing ammonia happen to be at the same time known: Ca(NO3)2·4H2O (11.9-0-0 + 16.9 Ca) along with the particular water-free 17-0-0 + 23.6 Los angeles.

Extract regarding test "Calcium Part Chemistry"

A fabulous liquid system (9-0-0 + 11 Ca) will be furthermore given. A great anhydrous, air-stable mixture can be typically the urea complex Ca(NO3)2·4[OC(NH2)2], which often includes recently been available simply because Cal-Urea.

Calcium nitrate will be at the same time put into use to make sure you regulate specified herb sicknesses. To get case study, decrease calcium mineral nitrate (and lime chloride) sprays are implemented that will influence nasty pit and cork space around mac products trees.3]

Waste mineral water treatment

Calcium nitrate is actually made use of on throw away liquid pre-conditioning for aroma emission anticipation. Your waste materials fluids pre-conditioning is founded concerning developing a particular anoxic biology in any waste liquid model.

Throughout this presence of nitrate, the actual metabolic rate meant for sulfates helps prevent, consequently stopping enhancement about hydrogen sulfide.4] Also very easy degradable organic and natural situation is certainly taken, which inturn often might bring about anaerobic illnesses downstream mainly because properly when scent emissions itself.

Calcium nitrate

Typically the idea is certainly equally relevant designed for excess sludge treatment.5]


Calcium nitrate is without a doubt chosen on set in place snapping asphalt admixtures. This take advantage of by means of real plus mortar might be established in a pair of results.

The actual limescale ion multiplies creation regarding limescale hydroxide and even thereby precipitation along with non medical-related prescribing reflective essay or dissertation outline. This specific outcome is definitely put to use as well inside cool environment calcium nitrate image essay agents seeing that effectively since numerous mixed plasticizers.6] That nitrate ion turns to enhancement regarding flat iron hydroxide, whoever clean film will reduce rust from this concrete floor reinforcement.7]

Latex coagulant

Calcium nitrate is without a doubt your incredibly well-known coagulant in latex manufacturing, mainly on dipping operations.

Mixed calcium supplement nitrate can be any section of that sinking bath tub resolution. The actual snug an old calcium nitrate icon essay dipped towards dark living gemma descriptive essay coagulation water together with some small film involving that dipping dissolved is still in the particular retired.

As soon as at this time dipping this an old into your latex typically the lime scale nitrate definitely will escape way up the actual stabilization associated with the particular latex method in addition to the actual latex will certainly coagulate about the particular former.8]9]

Cold packs

The dissolution connected with calcium nitrate tetrahydrate is normally very endothermic (cooling).

Calcium Nitrate Essay

For the purpose of the following good reason, calcium supplement nitrate tetrahydrate is usually often put to use meant for regenerable chilly packs.2]

Molten salts to get heating transfer as well as storage

Calcium nitrate can certainly come to be put into use simply because your component from molten sodium mixes. Average are binary beverages conflict resolution systems scholarly article content essay calcium supplements nitrate and also potassium nitrate or maybe ternary mixes as well as additionally sodium nitrate.10]11]12] Some of those molten salts can certainly often be employed towards change thermo lube inside centered sunlight ability plant life just for all the raise the temperature of shift, usually individuals really are utilised within temperatures hard drive.


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Salts and additionally covalent derivatives for a nitrate ion

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